Share anything from your Mac instantly with Dropshare 4

Dropshare is a dead-simple file sharing utility that doesn’t tie you to any specific cloud service. A license for the Mac version is available now in the Boing Boing Store for $12.99.

Sharing files with other people usually kicks off the same tedious dance: deciding which proprietary cloud vault to temporarily stuff the thing that’s too big for an email attachment, only to later realize that you didn’t set the right access level for whoever’s on the receiving end, which then leads to unnecessary back-and-forth to sort things out.

Dropshare aims to vastly simplify the process. It works with private servers, as well as most cloud storage providers, including Rackspace, Amazon S3, Backblaze, and Google Drive. Once you’ve chosen where to keep everything, just drag any file or folder onto the icon to quickly get a download URL. It can upload from your clipboard, so you don’t need to poke around in Finder just to send an image. Dropshare also provides a better way to share the contents of your display. You can take screenshots and screen recordings right from the menu bar, and even capture screens from your mobile device when it’s connected to USB — it works with Android and iOS alike.

If you are looking for a streamlined but still highly configurable file sharing solution, pick up the Mac version of Dropshare 4 here for $12.99. Take an a

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